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Dec 2, 2013 2:30am EST
. >> all right. the obama administration urging north korea to free an elderly american tourist after he appeared in a new video. the video shows merrill newman confessing to war crimes reading from an awkwardly phrased text. the first time he has been seen since he was detained five weeks ago. pulled off of a plane and no explanation. >> we just hope whatever that misunderstanding is will be resolved. >> swedish ambassador visited newman on saturday and told his family he's in good health. they are hoping to have him home before the new year. >> the ambassador also was able to relay the message that he's being treated by doctors. the food that he is being given is good and he feels they are treating him well. at least that's the message from him to the ambassador to his family. no telling if he was coerced or forced in to reading this and there's no telling if the message he's giving the ambassador is in front of some official. >> of course. he's 85 years old. the concern for if his health is very legitimate. he's not the only one held in north korea. another american citizen, kenneth b
Dec 6, 2013 2:35am EST
. he said it was a privilege and honor to be there. the first and only time they met is right after president obama was elected senator in 2005. it was at a hotel here in washington. the president and then senator was not on nelson mandela's schedule but he stayed strong and persevered and he got himself on that schedule. they had a brief meeting and there is an iconic photo take than day by one of the president's aides and that photo hangs in the west wing. >> the only photo that exists of that meeting, by the way. karen travers reporting live from washington. thank you. >>> mandela died at his home surrounded by his youngest daughters who were in london at the time attending a premier about of a film about his life. they asked the film be played until the end. the audience which included prince william, was only told that mandela died as the credits rolled. the marquee lit up in his honor. new york was the first stop on his u.s. tour in 1990. he wanted to go to harlem because the people knew about resistance and fighting for change. stay with abc news as we remember nelson mandela
Dec 10, 2013 1:40am PST
. president obama is the speaker right after dr. zuma. and john karl, we have more now on what we expect to hear from president obama. >> reporter: that's right. the president spoke about how mandela inspired millions around the world, getting first involved in politics. but i think we also hear from the president about mandela the seclude and practical politician, the many facets of his life. the fact that he was a symbol, conscience of a country, of a generation. a political prisoner. but when he came out, he was seclude about how he went about manage -- seclude about how he went about -- shrewd about how he went about managing south africa. and mandela came to power and the way he left power. he served only one term ofa -- president obama compared him to george washington. he could have stayed in power like so many african leaders have. you saw, for instance, in the audience there, robert mugavi, from neighboring zimbabwe, still clinging to power in zimbabwe. mandela thought it was important to set the example for freak that it wasn't just about mandela. that africa needed to be a tru
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)